Trump, Clinton continue rolling toward nominations

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the big winners in Tuesday's primaries, with Trump taking winner-take-all contests in Illinois and Florida and Clinton sweeping five Democratic contests.  The victories for both candidates sent them well on their way to first ballot nominations at their respective conventions later this summer. In addition to winning Illinois and Florida, Trump also beat Ted Cruz in North Carolina and is poised to pick up Missouri as well.  With 99.9% of precints reporting, Trump is leading Ted Cruz by 1,700 votes in the Show Me state. Trump's victory in Florida – a two-to-one thrashing of home state Senator Marco Rubio – drove the establishment favorite from the race.  And Cruz, who was shut out on Tuesday night, managed to pick up only 26 delegates.  Trump now has amassed just about half of the 1,237 delegates he needs for the nomination. The Kasich victory in Ohio doesn't give him a path to winning 1,237...(Read Full Post)