The Horror: Another Democrat debate

While it is fair to say that the Republican debates have devolved into shouting matches of name-calling and vitriol, mostly thanks to Donald Trump's abominable manners, thin, skin and braggadocio, watching a Democrat debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is sheer torture.

The two Democrat hopefuls' agendas are based entirely on resentment and envy.  Despite Clinton's massive and ill-gotten wealth, she, like Obama, hates America as founded.  Both candidtaes seem to hate the people who built the nation and achieved some manner of financial independence out of a sense of personal responsibility to their families and the nation.  And yes, they did build it.  Once the backbone of the nation, these are the people the left despises.  Those of us who revere the Constitution and its amendments, Judeo-Christian values, and the capitalist economy that enabled the U.S. to become the wealthiest nation on the planet are the people the Progressives like Hillary and the Socialist Sanders loathe.  We are too independent and too happy.  We need to be punished.

For the left, being part of a family is no longer politically correct (unless you are part of an illegal immigrant family that must be kept together).  Believing that the definition of marriage is the union of a man and a woman now requires a trigger warning and, on a college campus, may start a riot, as will any student's support of Israel.  On the left, according to Sanders, taxpayer dollars, monies earned by working Americans, should fund the educations of all students who wish to go to college, no matter how qualified or academically inclined.  This would, of course, lead to the increased dumbing down of American education and further bankrupt our already bankrupt country.  

It would enable private universities to hike tuition rates to even more impossibly affordable rates than they already are because those public universities would no longer be in any way prestigious.  It is a ridiculous idea.  Students will never appreciate what they do not pay for and do not earn.  There are too many examples that prove this to list.  Just one?  Los Angeles schools spent $1.3 billion to provide iPads uploaded with curricula to every student.  It was a colossal failure.  Free college would be a similar but bigger boondoggle.

The moderators of the Univision debate must be commended.  They asked more hard-hitting questions than even Fox News has in past debates.  I doubt that Hillary expected Jorge Ramos to press her so hard on the investigation into her email scandal.  I doubt she expected to be asked if she would drop out of the race if indicted.  She was visibly angry and of course denied any wrongdoing.  (It is a scandal, and she is obviously guilty of many crimes – crimes for which other people with far lesser violations of the law are in prison.)

On immigration, both Clinton and Sanders are for open borders no matter how they try to evade admitting this.  They both want to insure an underclass dependent on the Democratic Party for food, shelter, medical care, Obamaphones, and the right to vote.  Both promise to tax the rich at a much higher rate.  Both believe that health care is a right, no matter how a person's health or that care may be abused.  Both want to repeal Citizens United, of course.  Both are pro-choice without restrictions; babies aborted the day before a natural delivery should be killed if the mother wishes.  Both seem to think that income inequality can be legislated out of existence by fiat; that every human is born with identical abilities, talents, ambition, health, and parentage; that the government must legislate the equality of outcome.  Hillary believes that equality in all things must be imposed, except for her and her establishment friends who depend on their power and influence to remain wealthy and thoroughly isolated from the consequences of the policies they impose on the lesser beings of the country.

As horrific a candidate as Donald Trump truly is, Clinton and Sanders are a greater threat to the survival of America as founded.  Like Obama, they mean to further transform our country into something it was never meant to be.  Thanks to the Democratic Party's rigged system of superdelegates, Clinton is a glimpse into the heart of darkness. 

 Let us hope for an informed electorate in November.

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