How detached from reality can they get?

It's amazing how detached from reality some politicians and political donors can get.  In an excellent article regarding the establishment's reluctant backing of Ted Cruz, Rick Moran makes the point that many establishment Republicans are moving to the idea that only Ted Cruz can catch up enough to force a brokered convention.  But there are still many hoping that Rubio or Kasich can win enough primary votes to overtake Donald Trump's delegate count.

Just how far removed from reality can these donors and supporters get?

Neither Rubio nor Kasich has a chance even if each does win his home state's winner-take-all primary.  And these wishful thinkers know it.  Maybe they will come around to Cruz, but if they don't do it soon, it will be too late (it may already be so).

Rick also notes that "Cruz is very unpopular in the Senate."  Well, duh!  That is why he should be the candidate.  People are flocking to Trump because he is not establishment.  Cruz is unpopular because he is not at all establishment; he has been fighting for what the voters want.  What better choice to offer the voters than Cruz?

What these donors and supporters should do is mount a campaign with ads and sound bites to push hard for Cruz as the natural non-establishment candidate.  Yes, it goes against their hopes and dreams for an establishment candidate, but those they hoped for have all been – or soon will be – eliminated

We need Ted Cruz to bring the country back to constitutional principles and the rule of law, or we are likely to spiral into a lost nation.  Trump cannot and will not do that.

Walt is a retired computer systems analyst; he blogs at The Lemming Watch.

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