The defense industry's 'Islam problem' and the allegiance question

Donald Trump's views on immigration and Islam are not just polarizing public opinion and the media, but also causing waves within the American defense sector. Defense One reports that “if Trump wins, expect thousands of defense jobs to move to Europe[.] ... The GOP frontrunner's anti-Muslim comments could prompt U.S. allies to shop elsewhere for arms.” According to Byron Callan, an analyst with research firm Capital Alpha Partners, “President Trump may prove offensive to Islamic states and those countries could seek alternative sources of weapons systems.” Another defense industry lobbyist was quoted as saying “anti-Muslim rhetoric absolutely does not help when you're trying to sell to the Middle East.” Anthony Cordesman, a Middle East expert with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, broadened the issue to other nations for which arms exports are important: “Trump’s nationalistic comments could have...(Read Full Post)