Ted Cruz: #SocialIssuesMatter

Mary and I are still in a Louisiana hotel room on the road with our Conservative Campaign Committee team, campaigning for Ted Cruz.  Later today we will pile into an SUV and head to Mississippi.  Crawfish are very popular here, sold at Walmart and seemingly every restaurant.  Louisianians have been very friendly and say "y'all" a lot. Folks, while I am pleased that Cruz did well in Louisiana, I am still troubled by our side's apparent lack of concern regarding the unspeakable evil activities of Planned Parenthood and other social issues. Cruz promises to do everything Mr. Trump has promised: secure our border, deport illegals, and defend American interest domestically and internationally. For all you folks concerned that your kids cannot find jobs, Cruz says illegal immigration is an economic issue.  Cruz explains how 12 million illegals are taking jobs from Americans and keeping wages low.  Touting that his dad began as a...(Read Full Post)