So will Bernie denounce La Raza?

Recently we were subjected to endless speculation from the media as to why Donald Trump wouldn't denounce the Ku Klux Klan because a former leader of that white supremacist group, David Duke, had supposedly endorsed Trump's presidential candidacy.  Well, Duke said he didn't, and Donald denounced until I was about ready to denounce Donald if he didn't quit groveling to the yapping media with more denunciations – truly uncharacteristic for him. Now we've had a mob of a few hundred self-described Bernie Sanders supporters stop a Trump rally in Chicago with an unruly demonstration that had fistfights breaking out in the streets.  It was impossible not to notice that liberally distributed throughout that crowd were numerous Mexican national flags, with a very large one being center focus of Fox News's favored street shot of the mob.  In spite of that flag being center screen for much of Greta Van Susteren's coverage of the event, she...(Read Full Post)