So will Bernie denounce La Raza?

Recently we were subjected to endless speculation from the media as to why Donald Trump wouldn't denounce the Ku Klux Klan because a former leader of that white supremacist group, David Duke, had supposedly endorsed Trump's presidential candidacy.  Well, Duke said he didn't, and Donald denounced until I was about ready to denounce Donald if he didn't quit groveling to the yapping media with more denunciations – truly uncharacteristic for him.

Now we've had a mob of a few hundred self-described Bernie Sanders supporters stop a Trump rally in Chicago with an unruly demonstration that had fistfights breaking out in the streets.  It was impossible not to notice that liberally distributed throughout that crowd were numerous Mexican national flags, with a very large one being center focus of Fox News's favored street shot of the mob.  In spite of that flag being center screen for much of Greta Van Susteren's coverage of the event, she apparently couldn't see those broad white, green, and red bands waving in front of her because she kept asking the street reporters if they could identify the makeup of the crowd.  And apparently the reporters were just as afflicted with colorblindness as Greta, for they never appeared to notice the half-dozen or so Mexican flags I counted in that small pack.  And the color perception problem must be endemic at Fox, because Megyn Kelly couldn't see those foreign banners, either, even as she was asking a reporter on the ground to identify the affiliation of the protesters.

Since this protest was taking place in Chicago and appeared to be well organized, it would seem unlikely that a few Hispanics carrying Mexican flags just happened to wander onto the scene.  I'm more inclined to believe that an inquiring Fox reporter might have discovered that they were professional protesters from a militant Hispanic organization, perhaps La Raza Unida or, considering the protesters' youth, MEChA, both movements that advocate Hispanic racial superiority and separation and are entrenched in Chicago's large Hispanic minority.  Of course, the leadership of these organizations, and certainly the protesters, will deny that they are racist, but consider one of their oft-repeated mantras: "Por La Raza todo, Fuera de La Raza nada," which translates, "For the Race, everything, outside the Race, nothing."

Does that sound a bit racist to you?  Memo to Democrat protest planning headquarters: Multiple Mexican flags carried by angry protesters denying Trump the right to address an audience might be counterproductive, reinforcing in voters' minds the validity of his call for a border wall.

To put it all a bit more into perspective, do you suppose, had there been some pro-Trump counter-protesters out on those same streets waving Confederate Stars and Bars, that Fox might not have had so much difficulty spotting them?  Think the terms racist, racism, and KKK might have been flying back and forth between Greta and Megyn and the street reporters in their outraged discussions of Trump supporters carrying that hateful symbol?

So, Bernie, since that mob boasted that they're yours, we're all out here awaiting your vigorous public denunciation of those racist and separatist Hispanic demonstrators – students, who were a highly visible (except to Fox News) part of it.  Or, as Trump was asked ad nauseam, do you embrace their racist and separatist views?

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