Rubio's revealing win in Puerto Rico

The race is far from over, and Puerto Rico has some significance, though many in the super-conservative blogosphere chuckle at the victory. Carl M. Cannon over at Real Clear Politics has a list of why the victory is important.  A key paragraph: Rubio’s small victory here sets the table for a possible pivotal victory in his home state. The March 15 primary is delegate-rich Florida is winner-take-all. Rubio is believed to have a strong base of support among Miami’s Cuban-American community, and among GOP establishment voters in Florida. If he can run as well among the huge Puerto Rican populace that has relocated to the Sunshine State after fleeing the economic mess here, he could have a breakthrough moment. If Rubio can win Florida, he should hold on all the way to the California primaries on June 7, with 172 delegates up for grabs, winner take all.  Cruz and Trump have used harsh rhetoric against immigrants – not just Hispanics.  Cruz says...(Read Full Post)