Polls: Trump increases lead in Michigan, poised to win Kansas

Based on the latest polling data, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump appears certain to win the upcoming March 8 Michigan primary and is likely to also take the corresponding race today in Kansas.

A FOX 2 Detroit/Mitchell poll released on Friday shows Trump increasing his already massive lead in the Michigan primary.

In the survey of likely GOP voters, Trump was picked by 42%, putting him 23% ahead of – and more than double – his nearest competitor, Ted Cruz, who sits at just 19%.  Marco Rubio placed third at 15%, in a statistical tie with John Kasich.

A new Trafalgar Group poll shows essentially perfect agreement with the FOX 2 Detroit/Mitchell data.  In this second Michigan survey, Trump again came out on top at 42%, ahead of Cruz at 20%, Kasich at 18%, and Rubio at 14%

In Kansas, a separate poll by the Trafalgar Group has Trump at 35%, well ahead of Cruz at 29%, Rubio at 17%, and Kasich at 13%.