University of New Orleans poll: Louisiana primary will go to Trump

A new poll released late Friday by the University of New Orleans suggests that Saturday's primary in Louisiana will be won by Donald Trump.

Among active  registered Republican voters in the state, 38% say they will vote for Trump, 26% for Ted Cruz, 11% for Marco Rubio, and just 5% for John Kasich.  Trump is projected to win all six districts in Louisiana with his support split evenly between men and women, and he leads in all age groups.

This latest data confirms the results of two other polls released earlier in the week.

A Magellan Strategies poll placed Trump at 41%, 20% ahead of Cruz (21%), with Rubio at 15% and Kasich at 9%.

The Trafalgar Group survey gave Trump (44%) an 18% lead over Cruz (24%), followed by Rubio (15%) and Kasich (5%).

The average across these three polls gives Trump a 17% lead over Cruz and 27% margin over Rubio.