Poll: Next to no one interested in Mitt Romney's endorsement

A new poll by Rasmussen Reports shows that the overwhelming majority of Republican voters in the primary process do not place any positive value on a candidate endorsement by former GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Only 15% of "Likely Republican Voters" say they are more likely to vote for a candidate Romney endorses, whereas 17% are less likely to vote for that candidate, and 67% say Romney's endorsement would have no impact on their voting decision.

Among all voters, 10% are more likely to vote for a candidate Romney endorses, 18% are less likely to do so, and 71% say an endorsement from Romney would have no impact on how they vote.

Should the party be unable to choose a candidate from among the current crop still running in the 2016 primaries, only 24% of all voters – and 39% of GOP voters – would support Romney being chosen as a "compromise candidate."

A separate Rasmussen poll illustrates that voters are also not buying into any race-based pandering during the primary season.  Only 14% of "Likely U.S. Voters" think most politicians raise racial issues to address real problems, while 73% think they are raising racial issues only to get elected.