Media sneers at GOP debate do a 180-degree flip

Last time around, “vulgar” was the key word used to describe the GOP debate (that did in fairness feature allusions to male sexual organ size).  But last night, following a debate full of policy substance, the descriptor was “boring” according to the media meme factory.  The New York Times went with “PG” – which to the Times is not a compliment.

 As Roseanne Rosannadanna would comment, “it’s always something,” because the media have to sneer at the GOP.

In truth, there were no moments that will change the race.  And that favors Donald Trump, who, according to nearly all polls, is positioned to pick up Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina and will give John Kasich a run for Ohio’s delegates.  His expectation that he would be attacked is revealed in the joke he made about a half hour into the debate: “I cannot believe how civil it’s been.

All in all, it seemed to me that the candidates (other than Kasich, who all along has taken the high road of civility – perhaps because he sees the veep nomination as his best shot at national office, or maybe just because that is his nice-guy Midwestern personality) decided that they had done damage to themselves and the party by their muddy brawl.  Unlike the media, I was pleased and not bored at all.