Obama is no healer when it comes to Cuba

Is President Obama some kind of naïve schoolboy, hoping to wear a Che t-shirt?  Is that why he is standing in front of the cold-blooded killer, Che, on the wall of the Ministry of the Interior building in Havana?

Has Obama opened relations with Cuba to pretend he is a healer rather than a misguided leader who festers wounds?  The dead speak through their surviving relatives.  Obama wants to put their voices underground and celebrate himself like a stupid version of Walt Whitman.

Che is a mini-killer.  He was never large enough to kill on Hitler's or Stalin's levels.  He liked to shoot captives in the head.  That was up close and personal.  It must have made him feel warm inside, the way Chris Matthews felt tingles up his leg when he saw Obama.  Che was an intimate, pornographic killer, not a mass murderer.

Obama's opening of Cuba has given Cuba a fortune and done nothing for America.  It's like Obama's embarrassing Iran deal.  Thanks to Obama, political arrests have increased four times in Cuba.  He has done nothing to ameliorate the police state.

Obama is the opposite of Trump's make-a-deal.  He gambled Cuba in the hopes of gaining nothing and allowed Iran to eventually develop its nuclear bombs while giving them 150 billion dollars.

While the Castros are cash-strapped, Obama throws them bags of bones and Starwood hotels while letting them give refuge to American cop-killers and punish their own political prisoners.