If we don't wake up soon, we will have Brussels here

We are at war and the war drums beat louder. Unfortunately, they are unheard by our feckless leaders.

We are more vulnerable than ever in our history. Our leaders, especially our president and most Democrats, cannot see the danger and refuse to acknowledge it. They inundate us with petty, trivial matters of political correctness or ideology that cripple self-reliance and the nation’s ability to grow stronger and protect itself. The press, aligned with these Roman fiddlers, is much the same and mirrors them. Republican opposition, consumed with its own cowardly self-preservation, is almost non-existent.

This is the greatest reason to rid our nation of these current leaders, hopefully at the coming balloting. They are bringing war to our shores.

Unlike perilous times before, the US no longer has two of its great natural defenses against invasion – the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. For over 200 years these huge sea barriers have kept enemies at bay. But the Democrats, their minions and Republican lackeys have succeeded in rendering these barriers defunct. In need of votes, and using the phony excuse of “compassion” to justify it, these so-called leaders have embraced helter-skelter immigration to our nation whether by sea, air or land. Now enemies bent on killing and destruction pour into our once safe land. Sanctuary cities then bed, conceal and nurture potential killers with taxpayer money as they plot the next Paris or Brussels.

As they do, our military is being emasculated. Warriors are purged. Ships and planes are reduced to numbers worse than before World War II. The enormously important function of national security has been turned by this administration into a social experiment. Gender equality, gay rights and Global Warming are the priorities. Intelligence, which used to be strong, is now useless by the number of immigrants flooding in. There are just too many now to get a read on all. We only react. The shoe bomber means we inspect shoes – as if the militants don’t know then to try something new. Can’t use profiling. That’s racist. So Americans may die. This is the petty nonsense Democrats have sown.

Obama won’t even name our enemies. In Cuba, where he is exalting a dictatorship, he had this to say about the latest Islamic attack while enjoying a baseball game: “The world needs to unite against these terrorists. The notion that any political agenda would justify killing…is beyond the pale.”

Terrorists? Political agenda?

This is the president of the United States. He doesn’t even say who did it or why? How can the nation prepare against an enemy he won’t even name? It’s impossible, like swatting ghosts. Is he ignorant or is it bias? Does it matter? He’s the leader of the Free World. There is no excuse for not naming the enemy. Anyone who has studied it, as the president should, knows these attacks are because of religion -- not oppression or poverty or American meanness as he, his administration, and Democrats like to say. Some may actually think it is. But go to the mosques study Islam. Yes, there are nice Muslims. But their religion was founded 1300 years ago as a sword against infidels. That’s anyone who doesn’t believe as they do.

There were good Germans under Hitler. If caught opposing the regime they were jailed or killed. In the Middle Eastern territory now conquered and held by Militant Islamists, dissidents are beheaded, burned alive, drowned in cages, and, if homosexual, thrown off buildings. The militants now entering America want to do this here. Thanks to our leaders, we are now a sitting duck, our borders open, our resolve sapped, but thankfully not broken. Half the nation still fights the march of Democrat-anti-American, atheistic socialism that has reached its peak under Barack Obama. If we do not recognize how close we are to open Jihad on our soil we will shortly go the way of Europe.