Many are playing ‘blame the victim’ with Trump rally cancelation

“She had it coming” has been discredited as an excuse for raping an attractive woman provocatively dressed, but too many people (including, shockingly, Ted Cruz) are using the equivalent excuse to justify the cancelation of Donald Trump’s Chicago rally last night.  The argument goes that Trump’s rally rhetoric about “punching in the face” disruptive protesters somehow inflamed the passions of his opponents so much that they were justified in planning and organizing an effort to violate his right to campaign. By that standard, doesn’t President Obama’s rhetoric about “get in their face” and White House advice to “punch back twice as hard” justify disrupting Obama’s public events?  I doubt that anyone making excuses for the Chicago demonstrators would argue this. Make no mistake: the protesters who exulted over their victory in shutting down the rally last night on TV were no spontaneous...(Read Full Post)