Late polls confirm the Trump landslide victory on Super Tuesday

A suite of new polls released Monday show Republican supporters rallying to Donald Trump in ever increasing numbers – not just in the Super Tuesday states, but also at the national level.

In Massachusetts, a University of Massachusetts-Amherst poll has Trump winning by a massive margin at 47%, Rubio and Cruz tied at 15%, Kasich at 11%, and Carson at just 2%.  Another poll in this state by Emerson shows support for Trump at 51%, Rubio at 20%, Kasich at 14%, Cruz at 10%, and Carson at 1%.

A Trafalgar Group poll in Georgia puts Trump in a commanding lead with 39%, Rubio at 24%, Cruz at 21%, Kasich at 7%, and Carson at 6%.  Another poll by FOX 5 Atlanta has Trump taking Georgia at 33%, Rubio at 23%, Cruz at 23%, Kasich at 11%, and Carson at 6%.

Monmouth released a poll from Oklahoma with Trump at 35%, followed by Cruz (23%), Rubio (22%), Carson (7%), and Kasich (8%).

Alabama will go to Trump.  The new data from Monmouth has Trump with 42% support, more than double Rubio in second at 19%, Cruz at 16%, Carson at 11%, and Kasich at 5%.

Texas may be tightening up.  A new ARG poll from Monday has Cruz (33%) and Trump (32%) in a statistical tie, followed by Rubio (17%), Kasich (7%), and Carson (6%).  Emerson also has a statistical tie between Cruz (35%) and Trump (32%), with Rubio (16%), Kasich (9%), and Carson (4%) bringing up the rear.  These two polls conflict with another late poll showing Cruz retaining a substantial lead.  FOX 26/Opinion Savvy has Cruz at 36%, Trump at 25%, Rubio at 19%, Kasich at 9%, and Carson at 8%.

In Kentucky and Michigan, whose primaries are coming up over the next week, Trump is clearly in the driver's seat.  Western Kentucky University is now showing Trump at 35%, Rubio at 22%, Cruz at 15%, Carson at 7%, and Kasich at 6%.  MRG in Michigan has Trump leading with 33%, well ahead of Rubio (18%), Cruz (18%), Kasich (10%), and Carson (9%).

Finally, a CNN/ORC national poll of Republicans puts Trump in near-majority territory with 49% support, dwarfing Rubio (16%), Cruz (15%), Carson (10%), and Kasich (6%).

The GOP race was over once the Sunday polls had come out.  Now we are just looking at the pieces fitting ever more snugly into place and the details coming together.  Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee and will almost assuredly be facing Hillary Clinton in the general election for the 45th President of the United States of America.