Late polls confirm the Trump landslide victory on Super Tuesday

A suite of new polls released Monday show Republican supporters rallying to Donald Trump in ever increasing numbers – not just in the Super Tuesday states, but also at the national level. In Massachusetts, a University of Massachusetts-Amherst poll has Trump winning by a massive margin at 47%, Rubio and Cruz tied at 15%, Kasich at 11%, and Carson at just 2%.  Another poll in this state by Emerson shows support for Trump at 51%, Rubio at 20%, Kasich at 14%, Cruz at 10%, and Carson at 1%. A Trafalgar Group poll in Georgia puts Trump in a commanding lead with 39%, Rubio at 24%, Cruz at 21%, Kasich at 7%, and Carson at 6%.  Another poll by FOX 5 Atlanta has Trump taking Georgia at 33%, Rubio at 23%, Cruz at 23%, Kasich at 11%, and Carson at 6%. Monmouth released a poll from Oklahoma with Trump at 35%, followed by Cruz (23%), Rubio (22%), Carson (7%), and Kasich (8%). Alabama will go to Trump.  The new data from Monmouth has Trump with 42% support, more...(Read Full Post)