Donald Trump has Jewish grandkids, loves the KKK. Makes sense.

Once again, much of the mainstream media that is too lazy and self-serving to investigate the very dubious associations of a Democrat presidential candidate like Barack Obama is hauling out its Roto-Rooters to go after the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump.  But the media operatives are still very lazy, or they could have saved themselves the embarrassment of trying to prove that Trump has KKK and far right militia sympathies with a simple bit of Googling. For several days now, since CNN's Jake Tapper started this silly business of Trump not disavowing an endorsement from David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the KKK, the mainstream media, Trump's presidential opponents, and even GOP congressional leaders have all made fools of themselves over this non-issue issue.  Marco Rubio made an absolute, bobble-head fool of himself on Super Tuesday night endlessly attempting to link Trump with the KKK.  And that, folks, is the opinion of a voter who was in the Rubio...(Read Full Post)