Donald, Ted, and John

Uncertainty and the unpredictable are the only things certain and predictable about this political season. How many of you predicted that Trump would lead the delegate field in mid-March? I didn't. In fact, I didn't anyone would take Trump seriously. So throw out the flight plan, turn off the autopilot and land this plane on its own.    Am I the only person in the planet who thinks that Kasich has a chance to be the GOP nominee? The talking heads were a bit Trumpish last night. Ed Rollins wrote that it's down to only Trump and Cruz. My favorite Dr. Krauthammer said the same thing. Most of them told us that it was a huge night for Trump. They didn't give Cruz credit for fighting Trump in North Carolina and Missouri.    I agree that Trump won Florida and picked up a bunch of delegates. However, he is still has a long way to go. Once again, 50-60% of GOP voters voted for someone else. GOP concern for Trump was all...(Read Full Post)