Brownshirts invade Trump rally

The invective against Donald Trump has recently reached new heights, as his detractors have dusted off the old “Hitler” comparisons and brought them to the fore.  Even Bill Maher jokingly compared The Donald to Hitler in a segment on his show.  Needless to say, such misguided attempts at castigating Trump sickeningly diminish the real atrocities committed by the real Hitler.  These people show how little they know, but in addition, last night they showed their hypocrisy. In advance of a Trump rally on the University of Illinois-Chicago campus on Friday night, protesters flooded the arena with the express goal of shutting down the event.  Physical altercations are reported to have taken place between the protesters and Trump supporters.  With the safety of his supporters in mind, Trump rightly canceled the event.  When this was announced, the protesters erupted in applause, their mission accomplished – to stifle opposing points of...(Read Full Post)