Anti-Semitism at Oberlin 2 โ€“ the Trustee Speaks Up

The descent of Oberlin College, a once-prestigious haven for serious  immersion in the liberal arts, into the madness of political correctness has reached the point where grown ups have to intervene. The chairman of the Oberlin College Board of Trustees has reacted to the pusillanimous response of the college’s president to naked anti-Semitism on the part of a professor at that institution.  (see Michael Curtis’s account here). The reports: Clyde McGregor, Chair of Oberlin College’s Board of Trustees issued the following statement Saturday with regard to the social media postings of Assistant Professor Joy Karega. At our quarterly Board meeting yesterday, the Trustees of Oberlin College discussed postings on social media by an Oberlin faculty member. These postings are anti-Semitic and abhorrent. We deplore anti-Semitism and all other forms of bigotry. They have no place at Oberlin. These grave issues must be considered...(Read Full Post)