A Trumpian leader in Eastern Europe

Viktor Orban is leader of Hungary’s national conservative ruling party Fidesz, and became prime minister at the age of 35 in 1998.  His first term lasted until 2002, when his party lost its parliamentary majority and he became leader of the opposition.  He is pictured below at the White House in 2001.  His second term began in 2010 and continues today.  The Obama White House has not extended an invitation, perhaps for reasons that will be clear.

Shortly before the terrorist attacks that devastated Brussels, Mr. Orban gave a speech at Hungary's National Museum that the mainstream press either ignored or distorted.  Here are some key points, which Orban has made before, from a report by Alex Newman in The New American of 25 March 2016:

  • The refugee crisis is a gigantic lie. Most of the arrivals are not actual refugees, and humanitarianism is not the agenda of the globalist conspirators aiding them.
  • The engineered crisis is a tool of forces plotting to destroy Western civilization while undermining Christianity and nation-states.
  • Millions of third-world people are preparing to start heading for Europe.  Action to stop the invasion is crucial as well as urgent.
  • Everything Europe represents would be fundamentally transformed once tens of millions of Muslims have settled on the continent.
  • These people bring with them crime and terror and are creating a separate world with its own laws and ideals, tearing apart the centuries-old structure of Europe.
  • Brussels (European Union Headquarters) seeks to transport and settle foreigners in order to reshape the religious and cultural landscape of Europe and to re-engineer its ethnic foundations.
  • Brussels wants to eliminate the last barrier to internationalism: nation-states.  Faceless bureaucrats are working to crush nationhood and national sovereignty on the road to what they call the New World Order.
  • Globalists intend to eliminate everything that is unique, autonomous, age-old, and national.  They aim to forcibly blend cultures, religions, and populations until old, proud Europe becomes docile.
  • Brussels is stealthily devouring more and more slices of national sovereignty and is making a plan for a United States of Europe.
  • If Hungarians resign themselves to this outcome, they will be swallowed up in the enormous belly of the United States of Europe.
  • Hungarians will not allow anyone to tell them whom to let into their country, whom they will live alongside, and with whom they will share their country.
  • There will be no urban areas in Hungary beyond the reach of the law – so-called “no-go zones.”  There will be no mass disorder or immigrant riots.  There will be no gangs hunting down Hungarian women and daughters.
  • The task for Hungarians and other Europeans who have not yet lost all common sense is to work to undo the fate intended for them by globalist tyranny.

The open-borders crowd running the Democratic Party has a great deal in common with the Brussels globalists.  They are soul mates.  Both believe that power can be effectively wielded if and only if it is centralized in the hands of a tightly knit elite marching in lockstep, acting on its own regardless of the will of the electorate.

The GOP would do well to highlight this comparison once the dust settles and a candidate has been picked to run against Hillary Clinton – assuming she isn’t indicted.  A Trump White House would certainly invite Mr. Orban back, this time for consultations on how to fight an enemy threatening Europe as well as the United States.