A new format for presidential debates

There has been widespread dissatisfaction with previous presidential debates between the Republican and Democratic candidates.  In 2012, Candy Crowley stated shortly before the second debate that she would not abide by the contract she signed.  She then interfered in the debate on the side of Obama.  In 2008, the vice presidential debate moderator, Gwen Ifill, was completing a biography of Obama.  One can easily surmise that financial considerations alone gave her a bias favoring Joe Biden.  Clearly, her book had the potential to sell more copies if Obama won the presidency.  One may ask why the Republicans didn’t insist that these biased moderators be removed.  This tacit agreement to participate in a process that was biased against them may partially explain why they lost both races. How can you solve the problem of biased moderators?  I suggest eliminating them and using the model of the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates.  There were...(Read Full Post)