Will the Senate demonstrate a backbone on SCOTUS?

The president has indicated that he will nominate a successor to Judge Scalia.  He is likely to place the name of a left-leaning justice for consideration.  The president will undoubtedly determine to make this selection politically advantageous for the Democrats in 2016 elections.  He would likely find a person with acceptable qualifications to a constituency that he would want to show up at the polls in larger numbers than would otherwise have shown up. The Senate is under control of the Republicans and a skilled parliamentarian in Majority Leader McConnell.  He can control the calendar to remove the risk for a recess appointment during the remaining 2016 year.  With some thought, the president can be prevented from such an appointment at the termination of this congressional term, as his term ends on January 20, 2017 also.  Republican senators understand the critical nature of this appointment for their electoral futures and the nation's (as...(Read Full Post)