Trump’s yuuuge negatives and the Ron Paul delusion

During the 2012 Republican convention, I spent a day at the Saddlebrook Resort outside Tampa, where the Texas delegation was staying.  Ron Paul had 20 of the state’s 155 delegates, and there were 20 alternates along for the ride. I had lunch with some of the Paulists and spoke with them afterwards.  They were a likeable bunch, friendly (they were Texans, after all), bright, and well read.  But they were, most of them, True Believers.  Ron Paul was the messiah.  I was told by one alternate that historians would some day rank their man with Washington, Jefferson, and Madison. They still also believed in the mantra I’d been hearing from Paul fans for years – that there was a great mass of potential supporters out there, but they’d been hoodwinked by the media, which imposed a news blackout on Paul. His delegates were never specific about the demographics of these latent libertarians.  But they were folks who shared...(Read Full Post)