Trump's cash crunch

Count me in with those who suspect that Donald Trump is no billionaire, but merely a poseur who may never have recovered from his many big-deal failures, as AT and others have already noted.  Ted Cruz is finally bringing this idea up, but it's a testimony to just how opaque Trump has made his finances that only recently has anyone outside the financial press even discussed the matter. Trump just released his fourth-quarter FEC report, and again, the political press doesn't know what to make of it – beyond the fact that he lent his campaign $12.8 million, which in part went to pay back Trump entities for travel and event services.  Real billionaires don't campaign like that; your Linda McMahon and Ross Perot and Meg Whitman just write checks for tens of millions without batting an eye.  Trump, however, seems to be hoping (or needing) to get that money back in the future. Trump has relied on the roughly $6.5 million in unsolicited small donations...(Read Full Post)