Trump goes full Visigoth in last South Carolina rally

Donald Trump has made it clear that international law will not stand in his way when interrogating terrorists.  He has threatened to bring back waterboarding and "worse."  But did he have to repeat a totally fabricated story circulating via email about General Pershing summarily executing Muslims rebels in the Philippines using bullets dipped in pig's blood? MSNBC: Donald Trump closed his South Carolina campaign on Friday with a rambling speech highlighted by a giddy, almost childlike, enthusiasm for torturing and summarily executing the suspected enemies of America in the name of safety.  Trump was in free-association mode ahead of Saturday’s primary, dwelling for an extended time on one topic, like heroin in New Hampshire or Japan’s monetary policy, and then jumping to another.  “I’m really good at the trade,” the billionaire told a crowd of thousands. “I’m really good at the...(Read Full Post)