Throwing the dice on Trump

Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post has speculated on the consequences for Israel of a Trump presidency plus or minus a British exit from the EU.  Her points are good and can be expanded to more general applications. 1. Trump, by purist definitions, is not conservative, nor is he liberal or progressive. 2. He is an opportunist and not predictable. 3. He's not stupid. 4. He's not sound on economic or political policy. The good news is, he's not an ideologue (such as Cruz, or the much preferable Rand Paul).  The bad news is that he has no coherent view of the world or this nation's role in it.  One corollary of the four points above is that he may seek out and appoint clever, practiced, sound, well-educated people for positions of leadership within his administration, similar to FDR's Brain Trust.  Another might be that he will be just another tin-horn dictator incoherently careening from one blunder to another so that neither we nor our...(Read Full Post)