The incredible shrinking Democratic Party

Predictions of doom for the Republican Party are all the rage in the media, but the real story of this election cycle (so far) is the collapse of Democrat turnout.  Some of this is no doubt due to the difficulty in generating enthusiasm after more than 7 years of foreign policy disasters and historically low economic growth under Obama.  Another factor is the sheer unappealing nature of Hillary Clinton.  Bernie Sanders is the sole person in the party capable of generating excitement, playing to the far left wing and youth after freebies (and so badly educated by the leftist educational establishment that they do not understand the disaster that socialism brings).  But even Bernie’s enthusiastic crowds may be driving away more moderate Democrats. Two analysts, Michael Barone (here and here) and the Huffington Post’s Zach Carter, have pulled together what ought to scare the pantsuit off Hillary.  (OK, sorry, that’s an image that won’t...(Read Full Post)