The H-Factor in voter turnout

A look at the news analysis and punditry on heavy voter turnout thus far in the 2016 Republican campaign finds the word "anger" cropping up in many such discussions.  That refers mostly to voter anger broadly directed toward the federal behemoth in general, but more specifically to the custodian of that government for the past seven years, the Obama administration, and the entrenched liberal bureaucracy that responds all too eagerly to Obama's whim.  That same term, anger, is also referenced in almost every analysis of the Trump phenomenon, noting voter outrage against the "Washington Establishment," which, in addition to the Obama administration and the federal bureaucracy, includes the Republican-controlled Congress and ever more frequently to those Obamist Pentagonian princes. There's insufficient space here to list all the grievances of today's voters, but one issue sure to push their ballistic launch buttons is reminding them that they...(Read Full Post)