Tea Party: Branded stupid, racist, and extreme

My wife Mary pointed it out.  “With over 500 rallies under your belt, you have probably participated in more tea parties than anyone in America.”  Mine was a rare black face in the early days of the T.P. movement.  While my black family, friends, and associates were hypnotized by his skin color, I dared to consider the content of Obama's character and intentions for my country. My numerous T.P national bus tours included 14 on Tea Party Express.  The rally attendees (patriots) were typically well-mannered middle-aged whites, families with their kids, and others negatively impacted by Obama's unlawful mandates and actions (tyranny). Thus, I was always amazed that so many Americans viewed the T.P. as racist and extreme.  I am president of the Deltona Arts and Historical Center.  Upon returning home from touring, my arts center suffered attacks from city officials because I was associated with those crazy racist Tea Party...(Read Full Post)