Real men are good. Live with it.

All parents of teens or even older young men and women, parents who are struggling to pay for college and/or wondering what the future holds for their children, should run, children in tow, to see three films: In the Heart of the Sea, 13 Hours, and The Finest Hours. For at least two generations, our young people have been sorely abused by progressive tenets – the alleged insidiousness of patriarchy, the conviction that misogyny has undermined women for centuries and still does.  This is the nonsense that gave birth to militant feminism, to silly notions like "gender as a social construct."  Then there is the academic, educational, and cultural mandating of tolerance and acceptance of every social/cultural/gender fad, real or imagined, that has done terrible damage to at least two generations of young men and women.   They have been, in calculated fashion, disabused of the glory and wonder of old-fashioned...(Read Full Post)