My eerie Scalia premonition

In the year 2000, my one and only novel was published, the then futuristic 2006: The Chautauqua Rising.  Set, as the reader might surmise, in 2006, this political action thriller tells the tale of a grassroots insurrection in Western New York that in many ways anticipated the Tea Party insurgency of 2009-10.  As an aside, those thinking of writing a book should be sure to give it a title that people can pronounce.  I learned this the hard way.  The county in question is pronounced sha-TAWK-wa. The proximate cause of the “rising” is a school shooting.  The original reports at the scene suggest that the shooters were of Mideast origin.  Within hours, however, the story changed, and the media began to insist that the shooters were home-grown American extremists.  Knowing the likely consequences, our protagonists “watched in awe and horror, marveling at the ability of some unseen hand to shape the news to its own design like a vase...(Read Full Post)