Islam and socialism creepily similar

Socialist Bernie Sanders wants to take American backwards to the pre-Colonial times of the Pilgrims circa 1620, where Socialism failed miserably.  Likewise, Democrats want to take America to its 21st-century progressive equivalent, the big-government nanny state.  In fact, the Democrats' former reverential, almost cult-like treatment of Barack Obama – a dubious figure obviously anti-American, ultra-constitutional, and pro-Islamic – is reflective of the same blind devotion the purveyors of sharia law, the imams, expect of their followers. Although the method is different, the result is identical: the iron-fisted suppression of the individual's rights and freedoms in favor of the all-powerful State. That's why Democrats who bray about gender and racial inequity in America are silent as mice regarding the actual abuses of women in the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia.  Today, a woman can't walk into Starbucks; rather, she must send a...(Read Full Post)