Hillary’s dubious ‘victory’ in Iowa alienating Sanders supporters

So far, things are working out exactly as I hoped in the Democrat presidential nomination race.  Long story short: the ultra-left wing of the left-wing Democratic Party is waking up to the fact that Hillary Clinton is a vicious, crooked phony, who will do anything to win – fair or foul.  Welcome to the club, lefties.  That’s step one in waking up to the political corruption that is destroying our country.  Meanwhile, assuming Hillary continues to muscle her way into the nomination and escapes indictment, the odds are that embittered Sanders supporters will stay home in November. Perfect. With her characteristic arrogance, Hillary last night claimed victory while the returns from Iowa were still coming in, and the race was 50-50.  But she will come out ahead in delegate count.  First of all, the super-delegates are in the bag, and second of all, she had some remarkable, statistically improbable (1 in 64) luck with the coin tosses that...(Read Full Post)