Climate warming computer models off by a tree-mendous factor

Yesterday Thomas Lifson wrote of a university study that demonstrates that the world's deserts are greening due to higher atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide – that same atmospheric carbon dioxide that has hysterical global warmists wringing their sweaty hands and crying that the sky is falling.  Reading that blog post brought to mind another study referenced by Lifson some months ago – a Yale study that upwardly revised the total estimated tree count in the world from 400 billion to 3.04 trillion, a game-changing increase. Most likely some of that higher tree count overlaps with the expanded greening of the deserts, certainly in the outer fringe areas.  But the bottom line is that there are a lot more carbon dioxide-breathing, oxygen-exhaling life forms on this planet than all these so-called climate change computer models had programmed into it when they were developed to predict the future climatic conditions of this planet. If these computer models...(Read Full Post)