Blacks and whites united win Super Bowl 50

I am elated that Peyton Manning, a truly class act, can retire on top.  Manning and his Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers to win Superbowl 50.  Congratulations to Broncos defensive player Von Miller (a black guy) for winning MVP. During pre-Super Bowl media blitz week, a leftist site published an article, “The Panthers Are the Most Unapologetically Black Team in NFL History.”  Folks, imagine the media firestorm if the word “white” was in the headline rather than “black.”  And yet, the left celebrates blacks segregating themselves.  The left views blacks dissing whites as loyalty to their “blackness,” a very cool black thing to do. Another article absurdly accused white fans of hating Panthers quarterback Cam Newton because he is black and happy and dances.  Even Newton himself cited racism as the reason whites have criticized him.  Hogwash!  These people on the left simply will...(Read Full Post)