Bernie Sanders's New Hampshire victory speech: Terrifying

I listened to the victory speeches of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump last night.  Frankly, in terms of delivery, Bernie's was a lot better than The Donald's.  Trump's speech was mostly extemporaneous happy talk, and not particularly inspiring. On the other hand, Bernie's speech was delivered with profound sincerity and conviction, and his supporters were wildly enthusiastic.  His delivery was excellent. It was the content I found to be not just troubling, but frightening. I've never in my life heard such unapologetic, full-throated socialism in American politics.  Sanders is the real deal.  He's so left-wing he practically makes Obama look like the chairman of the Republican National Committee.  At least Obama felt compelled to lie about the true extent of his leftism.  Sanders doesn't – and he isn't kidding around.  This is damn near Clement Attlee and Fabian socialist-type stuff.  True,...(Read Full Post)