A way to thwart illegal voting

It has long been a Democratic ploy to get illegals into the country, pander to them, get them registered to vote, and hope they will vote for Democrats.  Of course, the Constitution clearly provides that only citizens may vote in federal elections, and it is a felony for noncitizens to do so.  Nonetheless, Obama may be successful in getting a new justice on SCOTUS who will permit Obama’s latest executive order to proceed.  As a result, several million more illegals will be eligible for what Obama calls “relief.”  Part of this relief is to force states to give them driver’s licenses based on the federal work permits that will be handed out to them.  This provides a wonderful opportunity for some serious pushback and a way to protect the integrity of our voting process. The Real ID Act of 2005 requires states to verify who is getting a driver’s license.  Under the rules set forth, an applicant, or even someone renewing...(Read Full Post)