2016's proven conservative

Ted Cruz is the proven conservative.  His entire time in national office has been spent challenging the GOP establishment.  That's why they hate him.  He's put his career on the line doing that – just as he put his chances in the Iowa caucuses on the line by opposing ethanol subsidies, lifeblood to Iowa.  Principles matter.  Iowans gave him the victory. Donald Trump is not a conservative.  His history is liberal and Democrat.  I liked his build-the-wall rhetoric and middle finger to political correctness and the press.  But that's history.  He's all over the place now.  And he seldom gives specifics.  His appeal is the same Obama had – but to the other side.  It is mostly emotional: this tough guy will lead us to the promised land. But as with Obama, we have no proof except his business background.  He's been great at that, bullying opponents, greasing palms, leading the lavish if not...(Read Full Post)