U.S.-China trade: National Review is the 'Buffoon,' not Trump

In one of National Review’s hit pieces against Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump (“What Trump Doesn’t Understand – It’s a lot about our Trade with China”), correspondent Kevin D. Williamson called Trump a “dangerous buffoon” because he would threaten tariffs upon China’s products and thus risk a trade war with China.  But it’s not Trump who is the buffoon on trade; it is National Review! Trump plans to take on the huge U.S. trade deficit with the world, and especially with China.  He threatens to place upon Chinese products a tariff like the 45% tariff that China recently placed upon some U.S. cars.  Such a threat could lead to negotiations between the U.S. and China about balancing trade, and Trump wrote the book on negotiations. When an article tears into a candidate for having his facts wrong, the magazine that prints it probably should check to make sure that the candidate is...(Read Full Post)