Trump has melted the brains of the conservative commentariat

What is Donald Trump doing in his campaign? What is he doing that has melted the brains of the conservative commentariat (which will never recover from its cluelessness about the times in which we are living)? Donald Trump is a practical man of action. We haven’t seen one of those in high office for a very long time. Trump is not Reagan. Reagan was from a much more cerebral tradition. He had actually read Hayek and Friedman and had given talks based on them which he had written himself. Writers know how impressive this is. Writing requires a depth of understanding of your subject; the ability to concentrate for a long period of time; and withstanding the loneliness of doing so. A man of action reacts to external impulses, to external conditions and makes decisions quickly. If they are not perfect, he refines them as he works the problem. Where is America? We are trapped within the liberal worldview. We are at the completion of Gramsci’s leftist “march...(Read Full Post)