The unbearable weight of privilege

So, this year, none of the actors nominated for an Oscar is African-American.  For this, the leftist elites have their dander up in a big way.  Some of the many talented, wealthy, privileged African-Americans who are members of the Academy are so angry that they are going to boycott the awards this year.  So are many of the not African-Americans, of course.  Many of them truly do think everything is about them, that the world revolves around them and their work. On the weekend of Martin Luther King's birthday, these folks had him turning over in his grave.  King's wish for everyone to be judged by the "content of their character" has been smashed to smithereens during the seven years of the Obama administration.  Under Obama, everything is about skin color.  Everything.  Not character, not merit, not good citizenship, only race.  Is the Academy membership racist?  It is not – not for a moment.  No...(Read Full Post)