The UN in 1946

Sixty years ago today, the U.N. met for the first time: The first General Assembly of the United Nations, comprising 51 nations, convenes at Westminster Central Hall in London, England. One week later, the U.N. Security Council met for the first time and established its rules of procedure. Then, on January 24, the General Assembly adopted its first resolution, a measure calling for the peaceful uses of atomic energy and the elimination of atomic and other weapons of mass destruction. Wonder what those people attending would think of today's U.N.?  The organization has become a meeting house for every form of "anti-U.S.-ism" – not to mention anti-Israel – on the planet.   Worse than the rhetoric, it is useless, as John R. Smith wrote in 2014: The world’s self-professed guardians of global order failed in 2011 to save the rebels of Libya from being annihilated by the mad, murderous dictator, Muammar Gaddafi...(Read Full Post)