Obama, the accidental racist

It's ironic that America has grown up enough to distance itself from racism while electing its first black racially divisive president – Barack Hussein Obama. His election should have been the first presidency where race no longer mattered and where black-white love led to acceptance among different skin colors. I didn't vote for Obama because I felt that he was inexperienced and narcissistic.  Still, I was delighted that we had a black president despite his weaknesses. I threw the dice on the table and hoped for the best.  But within short order, I watched as he subtly created negative race relations and incited the scorn of the Middle East, which considered him liberal, licentious, and weak. Obama  exacerbated the Henry Gates dispute, said that Trayvon Martin could have been his son, and agitated Ferguson, leading to the racist Black Lives Matter movement.  He spoke softly and antagonized only by innuendo.  I don't believe he...(Read Full Post)