Obama, the accidental racist

It's ironic that America has grown up enough to distance itself from racism while electing its first black racially divisive president – Barack Hussein Obama.

His election should have been the first presidency where race no longer mattered and where black-white love led to acceptance among different skin colors.

I didn't vote for Obama because I felt that he was inexperienced and narcissistic.  Still, I was delighted that we had a black president despite his weaknesses.

I threw the dice on the table and hoped for the best.  But within short order, I watched as he subtly created negative race relations and incited the scorn of the Middle East, which considered him liberal, licentious, and weak.

Obama  exacerbated the Henry Gates dispute, said that Trayvon Martin could have been his son, and agitated Ferguson, leading to the racist Black Lives Matter movement.  He spoke softly and antagonized only by innuendo.  I don't believe he wanted racial division as part of his legacy.  I think he was an accidental racist.

Obama led the blacks to fight against the police to their own detriment.  He sat there while thousands of young people killed each other by black-on-black crime in our own time in Chicago.

Obama's not protecting the cops against thugs has led to the murders of innocent people in poor communities.  He has been an inadvertent force for chaos, not order.

Obama pushed Obamacare through to the detriment of our health care and our economy.

Most bigoted blacks voted for Obama.  So did Jews and liberal whites.  All the fringe voters elected him in the hopes that he would lead to a less prejudiced country. 

We jumped above prejudice to choose a black president, and yet he has been the most racially divisive leader in our history.

So in being open-minded, we chose a black president who divided our country and spread prejudice like fertilizer in America's garden.

We never had a white president who was as harmful to the blacks as Obama.  He is too smart to be stupid...or is he too stupid to be smart?  Obama should have been the last one to be divisive, but he split the country like an ax of covert bigotry.

If Obama were white, he might have been less divisive.  The blacks wouldn't have felt entitled by having a black leader.  We thought his blackness would unite the country.  Surprisingly, it divided it, along with his negative attitude toward our traditions.

Obama is a symbol of integration floating above the accident of his racism.

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