It's the same old deal with Donald Trump

Politicians use taxpayer money to buy votes.  It's the way the system works.  Donald Trump is offering more of the same. Not content with simply supporting the ridiculous ethanol boondoggle of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), he wants to actually expand it, in a thoroughly transparent attempt to purchase political support in Iowa.  To make sure he got the language of his bribe just right, he read out his proposal from a script provided him by the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association.  This is every corporate lobbyist's dream: a candidate who not only goes whole hog for your scheme, but will actually get up and parrot the lines you feed him. Though no one knows for sure how Trump will govern if elected, he's made it clear that he's a dealmaker.  He fancies himself an artist of the trade.  What sort of deals would he actually make, though?  We have a prime example with RFS – the deal is going to be good primarily for Donald...(Read Full Post)