It’s A Wonderful Middle East

There are lessons to be learned from the 70-year-old movie classic It’s a Wonderful Life that apply to 21st century geopolitics, presidential elections and America’s special role in the world. In the movie, we meet smart, talented, decent George Bailey (James Stewart) as a boy, diving into a frozen pond to save the life of his younger brother, Harry, who had fallen through the ice.  That brave act costs George his hearing in one ear. As he grows up, George has plans to travel, get educated, and build great things.  But his plans are repeatedly derailed.  When George’s father dies, Henry Potter, a wealthy, misanthropic landlord and bank director, threatens to dissolve the Bailey family’s small building and loan -- which has been crucial to many of the struggling town residents -- unless George takes over.  Duty-bound to the business and the townsfolk, he reluctantly agrees, and gives his college money to his brother. George’s...(Read Full Post)