Hillary the Benghazi Bimbo

Hillary Clinton and her allies furiously and famously defended her husband's sexual predations by targeting the women Bill victimized with media campaigns designed to portray Bill's victims as lying, conniving bimbos.  The best example of such targeting was the memorable television interview with James Carville, a longtime Clinton hatchet man, where he made this statement in regard to the sexual harassment from Bill reported by Paula Jones, an Arkansas state employee: "Drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find." That dismissive, condescending statement epitomized the theme of the Hillary-directed media response to the Bimbo Eruption, as it came to be known.  Quite simply, these working-class, ordinary American women had no credibility due to their station in life.  They were nothing more than low-class hustlers, looking for their fifteen minutes of fame by making accusations against a charismatic Democrat...(Read Full Post)