Here are the states where Trump is strongest and weakest

The New York Times published the results of a study of 11,000 interviews with voters who call themselves Republican-leaning (but may not all be Republicans – more on that below).  They broke it down by congressional district to gauge the level of support for Donald Trump.  The purpose of their study seems to be to show that places where people do racist web searches correlated nearly perfectly with places where Trump has his strongest support (really!).  But let's ignore this wacko angle (unless we also want to see if Obama is most popular in places where blacks kill blacks) and see if we can get something useful from the data:   Apparently, Trump has a very strong amount of support in the Northeastern states, the South, and parts of the Midwest. In the Northeast, his support is strongest in New York State, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New Hampshire.  It is very weak in Vermont, Delaware, and Maryland, which are not as important, since they...(Read Full Post)
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